Instagram Aesthetics – Why your business needs one

Instagram is a mobile and desktop social media platform that allows users to create profiles and share images and videos to their followers. Since Instagram was first in October 2010, the application has become one of the most widely used social media sites today. With a total of 500 million monthly active users, Instagram has moved away from strictly being used for personal use, to brands and businesses using the application to promote their brand. Brands who take advantage of this platform find the level of exposure that Instagram provides is significant.

While there are many brands that have an Instagram profile that post all kinds of photos and videos, there are many that have a designated theme, or aesthetic, that they follow. While this may sound like a simple task, it is anything but. According to Hubspot, “creating a successful, branded Instagram account requires more than just pretty images. To succeed you will need to establish a distinct brand image, a well-curated feed, and an effective community management strategy, all stemming from your own unique brand identity.” Many social media users online will only follow accounts and engage in content is if the brands aesthetic fits in with the users own personal aesthetic. Will it may seem not important trying to develop an Instagram aesthetic for a brand or business, it makes it easier to be noticed in a crowded market and is also a great tool to showcase the brands aesthetic to online viewers.

The way a business curates their feed is the first thing many online users first engage with when browsing through profiles. They may have seen a photo or video the brand has posted that they like that makes them want to check out their profile. However, if a brand does not have an interesting feed or it is too disorganized, this may deter people from having a look through their profile and further engaging with the brands content.

While it is not the most important aspect of an Instagram page (there are many brand profile that don’t have an aesthetic and still generate engagement and followers), it is still important to make sure that brands are aware of the importance of having a well-curated feed and consistent theme to their page.

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